Like the Music Flows

Somehow today has been an awesome day. Perhaps it may just be another frustrating day for all Canning College community as we had our Mathematics 3AB or Mathematics 3CD Semester 2 exam. However, today just spelled a great day for me! Not the examination part of course.

I started the day with some spills here and there. When I went to College, I learnt that. I am no longer like someone programmed just to say ‘Hi Leon‘ (for example) when I ran into someone. As I was walking down the lounge, I saw Neil McNab. First guy I saw when I reached college. Am I astonished to learn that my first thing to say isn’t ‘Hi Neil‘ but at least a slight improvement of ‘Morning Neil!‘. Yea those English speaking days paid off! Love that!

It had been a nice time in the Learning Centre. People from across everywhere come and sit down to discuss Mathematics questions, tackling the digits and unknowns, cracking the mystery of formulae and relationships. Of calculus, trigonometry and statistics, like the music flows now on my iTunes, today had been a great day at the learning centre.

“Oh yea. Leon will be parked here until I leave.” Neil commented.

And I was like “OH MY GOSH and WTF” but he was so damn true. Oh well what can you expect from my Maths Specialist lecturer. I told you he is hilarious and sarcastic simultaneously. Thank goodness no one is around to ask questions so I got Neil all to mine to throw him tonnes of questions. Oh well, since he commented that, “Oh Leon. Here you come again. With zillion of questions.” Casually, I threw a reply at him, “Oh well, I can’t help it. Too dumb for Maths I reckon?”

Sometimes I do wonder one simple thing – Why is it so hard to break an ice between someone elder than you and ourselves? With a simple, genuine and assuring smile we can always make the world smiles back at you despite how many setbacks and obstacles that lie in front of you. Who says that Neil is someone hard to get close to? He is not as harsh as what many of my friends perceive as. I know I always have this capability of spending not only a minute or two but up to an hour talking with someone. I had quite a long personal conversation with Neil at the Learning Centre today. Longer than the last time we had our pleasantries. Great, wonderful, inspiring and truly remarkable. A lecturer, an advisor and a great friend whom you can count on to listen to your problem and share your thoughts with. A friend too whom share his thoughts and ideas with you too!

Life is always great when it is like the fluent music that plays out beautifully. Like the simple yet beautiful harmony as your fingers play around the piano. Like the fluent and melodious tone as you strike your bow across the violin.

Life, like the music flows – AWESOME and FABULOUS!

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