Nicholas Sparks Part 4

Life as usual when you move to this time of the year is the examination season. Everyone is constantly or at least more frequently working around the clock and definitely some burning the midnight oil, hoping to pass their upcoming examination with flying colours. Nevertheless, I am glad that I finally have the time and be here to share with you all about a Nicholas Sparks novel that I found truly inspiring and fascinating.

Perhaps you have already seen the movie before and shed your tears as the plot developed. Or perhaps you would have been fascinated by an inspiring and amazing author at how he captured your heart with his page turner. Or perhaps you would be one of the fortunate ones like me to enjoy this amazing literature that has shot Nicholas Sparks to fame. A novel and novel-based movie that can truly let you end up with a boxful of damp tissues…



So do you believe in love? And to what extent can love changes someone? And would you change for the better cause if you are truly inspired and motivated by your love one? And how can love reduces the friction between two families with great rivalry since sometimes? As you read this page-turner, you will fall immensely in love with how Nicholas Sparks develops the novel. And the film is an amazing one. Many people who watched it lauded and complimented Shane West and Mandy Moore.

Love is like the wind. I cant see it but I can feel it.

Nicholas Sparks

And here is a picture I have found from Google. It seems like fans have made this background dedicated for the novel-based film. I watched it and it is considered as a movie worth watching more than once.

If you are thinking of pampering yourself after the exam, A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks is a novel I sincerely recommend it to you. After all what you reckon when high schools in the States are using A Walk To Remember as one of the studied novel? Let us spread the message of love to every corner of the world. Let us put our hands together and create a better world not only for you and me but also for our future generation.

Last but not least, to all students facing examinations, best of wishes to you guys and may you guys pass your examinations with flying colours. Till then, and lots more to updates as life flows like the river.

And so, life marches on as usual.

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