I love emotions. But I want you to get this clear. I am not trying claim myself as emo (mood swing) which many typical teenagers of our age love to claim themselves as. I love emotions for there are parts and parcels of our life and should never be detached from any human soul.

Emotions sometimes may guide someone off the track but without emotions things could seem impossible too.

As we are about to wrap up Term 3, I feel sad and reluctant to let go. Canning College is a great place. A place for us to study. A new place for us to grow. A college where I got to meet people of huge diversity. An educational institute I search for my goal in life. A wonderful new place as I discover more friends. And last but not least, a place where I truly got inspired, especially by great and inspiring lecturers.

I am glad I have chosen to post this. I post this because I feel the urge to do so. I follow as my emotions bring me. I know somehow this time it will not be wrong. I blog this because I believe one day when I look back, I’ll know today is full of surprises and lots of stuffs for me to learn.

I dreamed.

I dreamed that you give me a warm and assuring hug. I hug that gave me confidence and affirmation. And I thank you for giving me the inspiration that I have always been looking for.

I saw you as a photographer.

As everyone snaps the best part yet of their life, I know that sooner or later we will depart and leave again. Every teachers and non-academic staff as we approach give us the warm yet reluctant-to-let-go feeling. Life is all about being together and the next moment you are compelled to bid goodbye. However, there are always the chance of going back to college. Stopping by with a friendly ‘Hi‘ and ‘How are you doing?‘ can rekindle the friendship.

Lastly, I looked up on you.

As a lecturer, as an author and as a friend. Wonderful lessons and interesting typical Australians’ jokes and definitely a knowledgeable lecturer. Dr Neil McNab is one Mathematics lecturer I found truly inspiring. Not only he handled our challenging Maths questions well, one full with passion and his spacious characters. As an author with useful and amazing books for all WACE and WAUFP students. Books that truly lend us a helping hand wherever you are. Books which you have signed and included with personal messages in it that I’ll carry it with me till the end. As a friend, I like you. For being a good listener and a good advisor. Giving the best advice I could ever wanted in the moment that I need the most. Thank you for being a loyal and caring friend. I, LEON HA, look up and shall respect you as my lecturer not for now, not for tomorrow, not for next year but for the rest of my life. Yes, DR NEIL MCNAB, you deserve that and no queries!

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