Freedom of Soul

So as the first breeze of spring sweeps through

The roses of beds shall bloom

The berries in the orchard shall bear fruits

And I shall take a stroll alone under the canopy.


From a distance I could hear laughter

Little children screaming while chasing one another

Sharing the joy of that spring has brought about

For a new chapter of life begins.


I smell the faint yet nice aroma from the kitchen

I know there shall be a feast tonight

As I look at the bright red berries on the trees

I wish I could be tall enough to pluck them.


I heard Dad pulling his car into the garage

I run towards him and cheered

Dad and Mum hug and exchange kisses

While I splurge in the heaven on Earth.


I wish you could be here to enjoy the spring

I wish you would not mind slowing down

Take a deep breath and take a stroll in the greens

Under the canopy you will find something spacious.


Find a friend that will last you for your life

Be there with you through the sunshine and rain

Through the odds and evens and I call it


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