Like One of Four Seasons

I wish you were the spring

Like the roses and blossoms that bloom

Spreading the aromatic scent to all

As the morning breeze brush through them

Like opportunity and golden chance

And endless vibrant energy throughout life

With best wishes of all

May your novels be the next international bestseller.

I wish you were the summer

Laze around occasionally yet filled with joy

Life sails smoothly like the voyage at ocean

Throughout the 104 days of summer vacation

With inspiration and perspiration of summer

Shall the sunshine shine bright hope

As director Ryan Fisher make it to the Oscar

Walking glamorously away with recognition.

I wish you were the autumn

Strolling through a yellow wood

Holding her warm hands in yours

As the chilling autumn breeze blows

Shall she wraps herself around you

With blessings and loves shall you and her

Walk through not only this autumn together

But throughout the four seasons till the end.

I wish you were the winter

Of mugs of hot chocolate and latte

Encircling the warm heater with family

Exchanging endless conversations and laughters

And little kids running around

Anticipating for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

With here I wish you in humongous sincerity

May love shower you and your family.

I wish you are a true friend

Who will be with all your friends till the end

August 18 comes once a year

May you dance with joy today

With great valour you walk through land and sea

Like one of four seasons,

I wish you a simple yet significant


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