I have finished Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk To Remember today.

Dropped a jaw when I finish @SparksNicholas A Walk To Remember. Totally speechless and will really have you ended up with damp cheeks.

about 14 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Taken from here

A Walk To Remember leaves me staring at the emptiness before and off a sudden, everything goes blank and you are totally speechless by what you have read. The next thing you know is that your heart gets sour and your tears start to stream down and gently damp your cheeks for such a beautifully told romantic story.


In life, even if there’s a lifetime of disappointment, I know I have to stay strong. So long as life marches on and so long as we need to fight till the end. For now I have been tossing every night, replaying every conversation that we have shared and thinking of the two weeks. Everything comes back so easily and natural. And at the briefest instant, I know how much I want to see you. 4 months will never be the same after the 2 weeks.

I have been a great teacher myself. I know that the greatest time separation and distance separation are never further than forever (time) and Heaven and Earth (distance). Life has got to march on, time has got to elapse and so do us.


As always, I will definitely still sit down and spare some time for more great love stories. Ideas have been pouring in recently. It is always time factor which restricts everything.

Lastly but not the least, as always, I love you.

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