Nicholas Sparks

For the past few months, I have been reading Nicholas Sparks books. I read which is ordinary and usual but reading Nicholas Sparks books profusely is totally insane! In less than half a year time, I have actually finished 7 Nicholas Sparks novels which to me is superb and amazing too! For the first time I have actually found an author who can really captivates my heart and attention. His works are so fantastic, flawless and tempting which urge me to read books after books. And at a briefest instant, reading Nicholas Sparks books gives me a whole new perspective towards an important element in life – romance.

Cast aside the science fantasy of Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling, Nicholas Sparks explores the deep side of every living soul. The very first time when I read The Notebook I was astounded by Sparks as he told the story from a perspective of a guy instead of female. There have been many romantic stories being told from the perspective of girls. Now, why not give it a change and let the world read, hear and listen to the guy’s perspective towards love.

The 45-year-old author is going to strike the world of literature by storm in September with his new work ‘Safe Haven

If Nicholas Sparks has a book tour in Perth, Australia, despite all odds I will attend his book signing ceremony!

I am immensely in love with all his books!

The Notebook marks the beginning of my adventure with Sparks novels.

I remembered reading FAMOUS magazine when they interviewed Dear John star, Channing Tatum. I reckon I got Dear John and The Notebook mixed up then. Mindlessly I ran into Angus and Robertson and purchased The Notebook. As I read The Notebook, I realised that I bought the wrong book. Silly me! However, Sparks writing certainly has a hook that captured my heart and ignites my passion for reading! And I reckon that is how I set sail to explore more of Sparks.

The Notebook which has been made into film is definitely a page-turner and a novel worth reading. Complimenting Westlife ‘I Wanna Grow Old With You‘ to The Notebook will definitely make you end up with boxes of damp tissues for such a nice novel!

The Wedding which is the sequel to The Notebook is another Sparks’ must-read novel. Of course you’ll have to read The Notebook to figure out some of the characters first. Overall The Wedding focuses more on Noah Coulhen’s (from The Notebook) daughter and son-in-law. Sparks told us how a lawyer who has merely ruined his own marriage savage his marriage and the effort he has put in to make himself a success in romance just like his father-in-law. A touching novel which guarantee you to keep on flipping the page despite the clock is ticking away! Syncing Shane Filan’s “Beautiful In White” into your iPod, iPhone or iPad and blasting it while reading The Wedding is totally fabulous and terrific! Trust me for that!

In fact, there are still lots of Nicholas Sparks novels which I want to recommend. However, instead of throwing everything in a post, I rather challenge any one of you out there to go read them yourself! It is never too late for any of us to settle yourself on a good book. Whether you end up with boxes of damp tissues or damp cheek or not, Nicholas Sparks stories are somehow more down-to-earth and practical.

Sparks’ works have really changed my perspective and right now, it is somehow I feel connected to his novels and I got a feeling there are still lots more waiting ahead for me to discover. This is one thing I am going to let you all know too! All my previous love stories are deeply inspired by NICHOLAS SPARKS! Next time I will blog more about Nicholas Sparks’ novels which I have completed!

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