Two Weeks

As the bright moonlight shines onto the fountain on the backyard, I raised my head and overlooked at the full moon. I sat in front of the small desk situated next to a window in my room with pieces of white papers and a firmly gripped pen. There had been crumpled papers all around the small desk for I felt that the way I started the letter just did not ring the bell. As I took a sneak peak at the alarm clock, both the pointers meet at 12 and as I opened the window pans, I felt the  similar refreshing breeze brushing through my face.

Under the dim working lamp, I had decided to finish or rather start the letter. A letter in which I would always want to write to you. I knew that you would be sleeping or resting on your bed now, immersing yourself in the world of fantasy and dream. I did not want to wake you up in the midst of your sweet dream and so I rather sacrificed my sleeping hours, finishing the letter and hopefully you would read it when you found it the next morning. Cause by then, again, I would have gone back from where I came from.

Two weeks was simply so short yet so amazing. I came back with not much of surprises. Apart from savouring the scrumptious local food which I have missed desperately and keeping up with some old friends, I never expect myself to experience something beyond my expectation.

For months I have grieved ever since I lost again in the war. I have been constantly battling against my enemy. I have been fighting for my love and along the huge Savannah or aimless Sahara dessert, I have always wanted to look for my true love. I know that somewhere in the world, you’ll be at a corner there waiting for me to find you.

I know that by now you should be in your dreams while I am still awake writing you this letter. You have just made things seem so perfect. At the very instant when I look at you, all that matters to me is neither the power nor the fame and wealth. However, you are the one whom matter the most to me. I feel the urge to have you tight in my arms once again, not letting you go anymore.

As I continue on with the letter and my minds wonder, have you ever thought how many people are given the chance to have someone you love fall in love with you over and over? I am glad that after all these years, you give me the same feelings and instead, I have to admit to you that, I fall in love even more with you as life marches on. I have to admit to you that I tried to date several girls but somehow they do not work out the way I ever wanted. Perhaps part of my life has been occupied by you for you have created enough miracles in my life.

Somehow I just love the way and who you are. You make me forget the worries that all I have when we are together. You make everything seem so perfect and so easy. Life sometimes should be simplified like how we simplify mathematics equations. From simple pleasures we savour and optimise the joy and fun of life.

Time elapses in a fast manner. Life continues to march on. My vacation back here is over and I have to head back to where I should be. Two weeks is so short yet you have made it so meaningful. I know that no matter how long a period of time is, eventually it will run out. Instead of dwelling with the cruel fact, I rather keep the little things which I cherish a lot with me, making our two weeks sound so.. perfect and wonderful.

Two weeks, that is all I need, for me to find the answer that I have always trying to find. Thank you so much for letting me to fall in love with you again. As life marches on, I do not know what would happen in the distant future but I know something would not change for sure and that is… I LOVE YOU.

Love and always,

Nicholas Sparks once mentioned that “But love, I’ve come to understand, is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.” I knew how true that statement held. As we continued to move on in life, I would like you to witness the miracles of love from the actions and devotions you shall see.

As I sealed the letter upon completing it, I shall leave it on the desk and under the bright moonlight that shined into the room. In months time in the distant future, as I strolled along the beach when it was full moon again, I shall reminisce the time we spent together and hopefully you would be doing the same thing.

Somehow, I knew that this would have an ending or perhaps have no ending. Who knew what the future held? I sealed my thoughts and I threw myself into the bed. That night, I flipped and tossed around the bed. Our conversations replayed repeatedly on my mind. And one thing that I did not expect that at the distant future, you were doing the same thing too.

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