Miles Away

A day at college has merely drawn to an end. In groups or pairs or even individuals walk out of the college front gate with beaming and radiating smile on their face. On the basketball court, groups of active teenage boys jump high up into the air with joy and pleasure, rapidly passing the ball to their teammates and all fill the atmosphere is simply pleasure and a sense of relaxation – for everyone call it a day for such a tensed day.

He walks just like any other casual teenagers. Dressed in casual polo, paired up with a pair of jeans and a jumper for the autumn breeze, he strolls along the passageway with his earphones in his ears, blasting songs from iPod. As he walks around the smooth and even grass land, a spot captures his attention. He heads straight to the spot and sits right under a tree. Gently, he removes the bag on his shoulder and the songs continue to play in his ear through the iPod. From the place he sits, he could visibly see the group of outgoing and sporty teenagers leaping high into the air, aiming their ball straight into the net. He does not matter who wins but the leap has captured his attention.

Of a sudden he wishes himself to be high up in the air and be lifted up weightlessly. He wishes to fly straight to where she is right now. He sits under the tree and his wonders drift him away again to his own imaginary world. Weeks and months has elapsed and he has not seen her. He knows that it is impossible to see her all the time despite the advance technology. He reflects back whenever he is free and sign in to the social network, he quickly browse through the online friend list but luck is always playing mischievous tricks on him. Everytime he is so anxious to see her but she is either unavailable or busy. Suddenly he wishes the entire world would have just the same time, without having the hesitation to worry about difference in time in different time zones and so on.

He sighs for he does not have the magnificent power to manipulate time or even the magical spell to transport himself from one place to another in a jiffy. He knows that those are really bedtime stories which little children love listening before they tug themselves in bed and have a good night sleep.

Gently, he stretches his right hand into the front pocket and searches for his wallet. He carefully draws it out and opens the wallet. On the left, all he could see is the picture he took with her last summer when they spent merely the entire vacation together. The picture rekindled his memory of the time both had together, surfing in the beach, sitting down together watching full moon on the beach, strolling along the beach watching the wonderful sunset and amazing sunrise. The photo is the very first photo he took with her since they first dated. He was standing next to her with his hand overlapping her shoulder.

“She has the most gentle and affectionate smile…” he murmured.

He remembered the photo was taken after he went for a surf in the beach. He was not prepared for a photo but she insisted to take a photo with him. He was still all wet but she looked so happy and charming in his hugs. She told him how much the snap shot meant to her, for beach was the place where they first crossed one another passageway and she literally made it as the place she found her love one.

He gently draws out the picture and find another picture behind it. It is the last photo he has taken with her before he left the country. They took it at his house when he firstly picked her up for a movie date at home. His memory starts to playback in his mind. He still remembers that was the very first time he brought her home. Both of them sat together on the sofa. They were watching series of dramas and a fascinating film. She cuddled herself and threw herself into his arm. He remembered how sweet and affectionate she smiled at him whenever he kissed her on the forehead. To him, that night he had the best night ever. She slept on his chest that night and he could remembered she murmured his name repeatedly over the night. He kissed her forehead and smiled to himself, reminding of how fortunate of him to run into her.

Weeks and months has elapsed. He has been attending the college ever since he received the scholarship to study in the institution. He raises his head and looks high up in the sky, just as how high the basketball players in the court leap.

____, I need to accept this scholarship. It is my only chance to further my education.” He broke this out to her when he first received the offer letter. She was hysterical when he continued to explain. She understood the condition he was in. His parents could not afford him to attend college or university and scholarship was the only key to overcome the financial status of his family in order to afford him into a college.

_____, I know I am childish, but still I wish you would be right here with me…” tears streamed down her blushed cheek when she tried to calm down and muttered something out of her mouth under such an uncontrolled emotion. He gently wiped away her tears and he never realise that his tears were falling too. She wiped it away for him. He pressed his lips on her and kissed her affectionately. She pushed him away after a while and both remained silence for a minute of two.

I’m sorry, _____. I should not have been such a childish person…” she apologised and admitted.

Please don’t apologise to me, for it hurts me even deeper and makes the heart grows fonder,” he quickly stopped her from finishing the sentence. “I know it is hard for both of us, but I still hope you would trust me. For you know to what extend I love you and how strong my faith in you would be.” He tried calming her over and over. That night he was in her house for the whole night, ensuring she would not go irrational and did some folly act.

Fast forwarding back to where he is right now – under the canopy of tree where he sits. He stares at the basketball court and the players are still busy shooting the ball into the net. He sits there and wonders about her, what could she be doing, who she possibly has met in her new college, how is she coping with her accounting course, where would she go during the weekends and lots more. He wish he could be right next to her given anytime and any place.

Heh mate! You must be John. You left your Maths textbook in the lecture hall just now,” a guy trespasses the tree and sees him. The guy has surprised and brought him back into the reality. He still looks blur and puzzled when the guy calls him. “Sorry man. Did I scare you?” he added.

Oh heh. Cheers man! I must be such a scattered-brain. No worries. I was just thinking about something…” he thanks the guy and tries to explain the confused expression.

Oh so are you alright?” the guy adds a question as a courtesy.

Hmm… I’m alright,” he replies with a smile to assure him he is alright. “I’ll catch up with you later. Heh thanks a lot anyway for the book! Cheers man! See ya!” He tries to bring the conversation to an end and runs away from the place.

The guy stares at his diminishing figure from a distance as he runs away. He continues to run away like trying to escape from enemies. Deep within, he conflicts with his own emotion sand tries to run away from all them. He runs to the bus stop and catch a bus to the local beach. He knows that it would be a full moon that night.

Upon reaching the beach, the sky has been dyed black. The moon does not fail to show up with some stars adorning the dark surrounding. A lighthouse rotates and flashes its light from a distance which makes strolling slightly easier and more safety for him. He sits down on the soft sand and listens to the waves lapping the shore. He stares upon the full moon and his mind goes blank. After a minute or two, he lifts himself up and starts strolling again. Under the dim moonlight with some inconsistent bright light from a distance lighthouse, he strolls along a place where he firstly meet his true love.

And so he strolls along the soft sand, leaving footprints behind the beach, wondering when will the wave washes away all his pain…

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3 thoughts on “Miles Away

  1. Leon…
    It’s really..
    I mean totally fabulous and nice!
    I really enjoyed reading it…

    However, is it based on true story about yourself?
    seriously, tell me about it…
    Curiosity kills…

    Thx for sharing~

  2. Heh Aaron. Cheers thanks for the compliments. Do you think it is based on the my true experience? Haha.

    You see, sometimes when you just walk by some places and see something, you may have the inspiration to write something. That’s what happen to me. Haha. I write all these based on feelings and the surrounding that inspires me. Nothing much. Haha

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