You Can Make A Difference!

“Ever wonder you can make a difference and bring a change to the world?”

“Who do you think you are?” is the usual reply people would give like a pail of cold water, extinguishing the fire that was burning so vigorously and igniting so brightly in your soul. You may feel absolutely pointless and hopeless whenever you are given these cold shoulders. You decide to chicken up, step back and make every worthless effort to masquerade or rectify what you have in mind. However, have you ever thought everyone could actually make a difference in this world?

Breathing or in biological term – respiration is what human being does every single second as long as they stay alive. Whenever we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, have you ever thought that you have the ability to change the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Exhaling less than 100 cm cube of carbon dioxide in a minute may seem something rather minute to some of us, but picture this, for how long have you been breathing? From the very first instant you are formed as a zygote, you start to inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxide out of your body. For how long have you been breathing? How much carbon dioxide have you exhaled? Let the Maths perform this wonderful trick. You can go on and on calculating it, but let me just tell you, you could have breathed out tonnes and tonnes of carbon dioxide which then lead to increase in amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Despite scientists ignore the fact that exhaling causes global warming, but in the literature world, can you see that, even insignificant soul like us could contribute that much of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere just by breathing every single second? Forget about the adverse impacts of carbon dioxide, consider the amount of carbon dioxide we have contributed for green plants to undergo photosynthesis? Who has make the plants survive and photosynthesis their food? It’s YOU! Because you exhale carbon dioxide for plants and if it isn’t you, plants could have died as they short of one source supplying carbon dioxide for them! Indirectly you save our planet Earth! What an amazing people you are!

Still not convinced that is a difference you have make for the Earth?

Considering ourselves as not-so-brilliant people like world leading entrepreneurs, famous scientists and wealthy multi-millionaires, have you ever realised you do actually contribute to the world’s economy daily? Whenever you walk into a local supermarket or grocery shop and you decide to purchase a thing, that very moment you are already making a slight change to the currency you are using, the market of the product and lots more marketing stuff. Do you get what I mean? For instance, you decide to buy a pack of carrots from the supermarket. When you purchase the carrots, it increases the demand among consumers for that product, increases the sales for that particular product and lots more chain reactions. At the end of the month when analysis is done, your purchase has definitely made a difference in the statistic! When the statistic is changed, the supermarket would then demand more carrots from the agriculture sector. Consequently, the agriculture sector undergoes another boost which then lead to more positive chain reactions. Can you see the picture? Although we are insignificant, we are not as wealthy as the world’s millionaire, our simple action each day is more than adequate to bring along impacts to the other! Hence, with your buying power increases, the country’s economy is risen! Have you make a difference?

Mathematically we learn that numbers as small as 0.00001 and to infinity could have bring a lot of change to the corresponding party. For instance, companies across the globe analyse their sales by percentage. To business people, even small figures like 0.1% which is equivalent to 0.001 could have brought massive difference in their sales. Imagine big corporates dealing with 6-10 digit sums of money every day, that mere 0.001 could have meant millions to them too! In this case, we, as the less noticed one is like the 0.001 and people we look up are like the 6-10 digits sum of money. Imagine that little alteration to us could result in the huge difference! Hence, do you think you are still insignificant? You can make a difference, don’t you?

Life is just once. Optimise every single second of your life for you can never go back to correct it. You have two choice – either to highly look up and appreciate yourself or let the world trash you in the total darkness. If you realise how much important you are to the world and how much difference you can make, you learn that life is in fact as interesting and spacious. No one could have the similar life as you do for every individual is special. Whenever you feel that life is hopeless and meaningless, reflect what simple tiny things you do daily which subsequently brings massive difference to the world!

Can you make a difference? The world lies ahead and await you to discover the difference you can bring daily!

I have made a difference, by sharing my thoughts and helping anyone who needs inspiration. Who cares if I am not the world’s greatest authors or philosopher? I cherish what I am doing and I believe that I can inspire anyone who read this. If you love this, just drop a comment!

Remember, everyone is spacious and so definitely..


Inspired by my Chemistry lecturer, Owen Randell. An ocean of thanks to him for his lecture!

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