If you stroll along in the world of literature, you’ll realise that fireworks, is simply something more than what it appears to be. In fact, immersing yourself in the world of literature, there are so many fascinating and amazing stuff waiting ahead for us to explore and needless to say, they are actually infinite of possibilities words and phrases can come out from someone with great beauty and precision.

Just to bring every reader into the world of literature, fireworks to me, simply means the peak or climax of anything. In life, fireworks represent the peak of an employer or employee’s career, student’s academic achievement, an athlete’s performance and record breaking and so on. Instead, fireworks of people’s life has often been seen as something wonderful and fantastic. People got over the moon and leap to cloud nine whenever the fireworks shot brightly in life.

Expecting your very own fireworks? In this materialistic world, if you want that, you got to work diligently and smartly for that. Putting in continuous efforts to achieve something has been one of the fundamentals in unlocking the door of success. However, don’t you think that intelligence plays an important role too? If we only work as hard as an ox, we could only be credited for our diligent effort, however, the creativity part has been locked up behind the cells. Unfortunately, that part would be the catalyst to ignite the firework, produce chemical reactions within the fireworks, enabling the firecrackers to roam in the dark sky, producing bright flames and penetrating through the darkness.

That beam of bright light, comes along with luck and relationship too. Never ever life is smooth for anyone. Although I may not be as experienced and seasoned like other great leaders in the world, however simple matters in life, if you would just sit there and observe, you can see that sometimes luck is always playing its mischievous tricks on us. I have friends who are obviously brighter and more intelligent than me. They were the one who emerge among the other creams in the education institution and achieve marvellous and fantastic results. Even their scores always topped mine and I was like a drowning child in the swimming pool, struggling to seek help to reach the shore or edge of the pool. When the results were announced, I was pretty amazed and taken by astonishment as they did not achieve the results that they wanted while I got something beyond my expectation.

In school, some of my teachers do not really like me although I may appear to be like teachers’ pet to some of my friends. Partially it is true and partially you got it incorrect. Rectify that as some teachers do not really like me and usually has prejudice against me. Oh well, when the result was announced, I knew I had worked diligently and smartly but I also believe in my faith that luck was by my side all these while. I thank God for blessing me with the luck which I need. Although examinations were just part of our life, little things could actually reflect how essential luck could be.

I once told my friend, I believe in luck. They burst into laughter, teasing me that I am superstitious. Well, if luck does not exist, why does some people walk away with humongous sum of cash in the lottery while some always sink into cries and lose all their precious possessions in casino? Let us sometimes just sit down and ponder about that. Tell me what do you think in Twitter or drop your comment here!

Sparkling fireworks needs another important friend of it call relationship. Wading along our way into the society, I come to realise that relationship seems to help us work out many things in order to achieve success. Invoking a saying which sounds “No man is an island” tells us that no one can ever achieve success without the help of others.

Isaac Newton has been well known for his discovery of gravity. He may seem to be the sole scientist to discover gravity at his time, he has actually develop a kind of relationship called “competitors-relationship” with other scientists beyond him. Picture this, if it was not all the other scientists after Newton who tried to disprove his theory and to no avail, would Newton’s name be remembered from the day of his discovery until today and maybe into the future too? In fact, Newton should be thankful to his competitors (other scientists) who actually help to make him fire his fireworks in his career as a physicist. Relationship comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. The only thing I pointed out using Newton’s idea was that I discovered a new kind of relationship that I find worth sharing too.

Sometimes we may become envy and jealous witnessing others’ fireworks, complaining and comparing the difference between yours and theirs. However, why not we step down from the stage of jealousy and look around or even behind the stage. Look at those people who has aided us to fire our fireworks and in the end they got nothing. Yet, they may also seem cheerful witnessing the fireworks you put off. Look below where you are standing now. They may be some people below your position who needs something more than the fireworks you want. They need something basic in life like food, love and care. They are those who never crave the fireworks, instead they just wish to have something which we may not realise the existence of it – 3 simple fares a day and a proper, simple shelter for themselves. Organisations such as UNESCO and World Vision have been actively promoting similar campaigns in order to help people in need.

Fireworks, it can be a truly motivation to keep someone advancing and move forward. At the meantime, firework is a fifteen-minute fame. Once it finishes its sparks, you’ll just have to step down and let the other fireworks to show their true self. In life, never ever your fireworks will last forever. However, one thing that’s for sure of yours that can last forever – use your heart and thoughts and reach out for the others who need your help more than you need your fireworks.

Summing up, knowing how you could achieve fireworks in life is essential but it is even more significant of the effects of firework if you use them to reach out for those in need!

So, have you shared your fireworks today?

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4 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. Fabulous, Leon!
    it’s really nice and points out some lesson that in our life we always forget…
    Thx~ continue writing as u have your fans to support u..

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