Last Day on Earth as a Child!

18 is definitely a significant number. Once you hit this age, *drum rolls*, you can do almost anything adults can do, oh well, I could say 80% of it as international standard marks 21 as the official adult age. Anyway, 18 is simply significant enough. What things you can do? Figure it out yourself and list ’em out! XD

Oh well, I never know that, I am now on my last day on Earth as a child! I know you may wonder isn’t it under 12 consider as child? Picture that, once you hit 18, what is the humongous difference between the stuff you could attempt while in 17 and 18? Humongous difference right? XD

Amanda came in the right time. She told me that although I may turn 18 pretty soon, I could always still treasure the childlike part of me, cherishing them somewhere deep inside. After all, I believe even adults crave the naive and innocent life of a child. Pretty true and definitely I will cherish them and this is why I keep my blog and update my Twitter so often! XD.

There is the blend of joy and sad. I believe I am over the moon as 18 means a lot of thing. I can now picture the freedom I am soon to achieve. What grieves me though, is the responsibilities that I have to take up, the sooner I need to depart from the warmth of parents *I hate doing that* and has a sense of feeling older?

Blah. Pre-18th birthday sickness much? XD


*in advance, winks*



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