Bundles of Nerves 2

Yes! This is the continuation of my post back in 3 years ago. Click here if you wish to read all about it. Freakishly nervous as SPM result is officially out tomorrow! I was completely nervous about it. I really wish to excel in my SPM examination as it is my last public exam back in Malaysia. I really do wish me and all my friends could excel and make Kuching High proud, just like what we did back in 2007!

Forget about the past. The history was our great motivator that pushed us to limit to strive diligently for SPM. But now, our judgment day is less than 24 hours! I have cold feet now. I am really nervous.

Oh well, we have all prepared our very best and gave the very best shot for SPM. Let’s keep our finger cross and may God bless us all that our dreams come true!

I know I have to learn to accept my result tomorrow, just that the feeling is so different. I am in Perth and Kuching seem extremely far from here. Now I miss Kuching again and all my friends!





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