I had a nightmare early this morning, perhaps sometime during dawn. I was totally freaked out! I had to say that but having nightmare such as losing your dearest one is so hurting! Damn! I don’t want such nightmare please! Silently, I’m keeping my finger cross and hope that the nightmare isn’t true.

Being superstitious or not, I told mum about that. She said by spilling it out the ‘heavenly secrets’, the victim could just escape from the tragedy! Phew. I hope that believe is true. Yea. I am being superstitious. But if you were in my shoes, you’ll know that.

I had adequate of nightmares. Could I just sleep soundly? I suddenly miss her texts which sent me off to sound sleep with phrases like ‘sweet dreams’. Haha. I miss her, don’t I? XD

Oh and I remembered Cindy’s signature saying in Form 4, “touch wood!” Cindy, please scream that out with me every single second. I just have the fear of losing my love ones. I just can’t afford to loose them!

Suddenly, can I fight against God’s will? Why can’t human be immortal?



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