Uncovering a New Page

So I had arrived in Perth for exactly one week which means I am still uncovering a whole new page of my life! Great! Upon arriving home sweet home, I still miss my home at Kuching. Picture this, in Kuching you got adapted to so many things for more than a decade, or exactly 16 years and 10 months. You know which roads and paths would lead you to where, which junctions could bring you to a fabulous kopitiam to enjoy any fare at any time.

The weather was a little cuckoo in Perth. For the first few days it was still tolerable. Then Wednesday and Thursday, if you see me on Facebook and Twitter, I was like a mad blabbing about the scorching summer sun of Perth. Yea! The sun was so scorching that I felt like taking naps every afternoon instead of getting around.

I went for my enrollment session at Canning College on Wednesday. Goody good! It went on smoothly. I need not have to take the difficult English course, instead I am enrolling for EALD! Great! Another thing that causes my adrenaline to junk me up is I am so glad I could take Double Maths course! Yes! I’m taking up Mathematics 3A/3B (Modern Mathematics) and Mathematics Specialists 3A/3B (Additional Mathematics). I do not bother much about my other 3 subjects. As long as I’m getting what I crave! *Cheers*

For the whole week, I’m like a foreigner or tourist? I’ve been travelling here and there, purchasing any necessary needs. I paid Office Work and some other supermarket like Coles a visit to hunt down for any things I need. Oh yea. About transport thing, I am still quite worried about the time arrangement. A little puzzled over the time, the connection and everything. Anyway, should I cast away my worries on a fine Sunday morning?

Damn! I am freakishly missing FarmVille! The Internet access here is still limited as I haven’t got myself a WiFi at home. I am so missing the fun time of planting and harvesting my corps at FarmVille! And the worst part is, my level got detained at Level 35! Not to say about my Cafe World and FishVille! OMG! Seriously I am deprived due to the absence of Internet. *Confession of a typical 21st century teen* XD

ZOMG whatever happened to my iPhone is also driving me crazy. My iPod simply refuses to be charged. Oh FML! Whatever things are happening to them please damn get yourself out of my life. They are seriously driving me insane. Oh FML!

Say, my new contact number in Australia is…


I was thinking of looking for number that ends with 8598, same as my DiGi number. Guess that was mere probability. Anyway, hope that 2878 make senses to me too! XD

I had been wondering these few days. I kept grumbling when holidays seem a little too long and now that school college *I’m getting older XD* commences on Tuesday, I started wondering why my post-SPM break is so short. See, when I did my PMR back in 2007, I had 3 months of holidays and now I enjoyed the mere 6 weeks only! Life’s so unfair right? Blah. It was kinda paradoxical when coming to the similar topic, i.e “When you are having holiday, you crave school life; inversely, you yearn for holidays when boring school life starts to appall you.”

Anyway, I miss all my friends back in Kuching. Ohyea. Ocean of thanks to Tan Yee, Shirley and Kelly who sent me off during my first departure to Perth this year! Thank you guys! And also to friends like Cindy, Zhann, Pauline and Kiki, Shirly, Wei Lin and Jerome who threw me farewell lunches! Thank you people! XD. Now it makes me to anticipate for my November break! XD

Uncovering a new page of life seems a challenging stuff to me. Be optimist and overcome all setbacks positively! I am trying to combat with that though! Come to some sense, Perth should be a nice place! So when I am trying my best to flip a new page of my life, I’m hoping to carry forward all my friends from Kuching alongside with me! Miss die you guys!

Alright, guess that’s all for this post. Long-winded.

Take care people!



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