That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more: William Shakespeare said that fame isn’t immortal. It puts off like a candle.

I learned that from Life’s Brief Candle.

In practical, sometimes don’t you think that every soul just crave their own stage? Despite the mortality of fame, people crave it. For sometimes they could simply outshine themselves on their own stage and enjoy the feeling of being lauded and complemented.

It is just the feeling of being appreciated, the pleasure within people crave. Not the stage.

People wants the stage to perform in order to win the applause and the complement. All they ever wanted is that.

Could it be so hard to applause at people’s fabulous performance? Or even simple deeds? Badly done stuffs, they were so noticeable and obvious. And you know the consequences.

Sometimes, somewhere, please just give everyone their moment on the stage, let them be who they are, applause and laud them. You’ll make and see differences.

Oh yea. And I always crave my stage and you know what my true stage is.



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