Farewell for Amanda, Marilyn and Leon


*It was very late. I know*

It was only the beginning of the year and many of us are leaving to further their studies, including me. Last week I had an awesome time with my friends, roaming around Kuching City to celebrate our departure. Amanda is leaving for Kuala Lumpur to join Taylor’s College on 7 January. Marilyn accepts the ASEAN Scholarship to further her study in Singapore on 15 January. Oh yea. Marilyn will be in uniform! Haha *cunning laughs*. I am heading to Perth on 24 January to join Year 12 at Canning College.

We first planned to go out as the 5 of us but Nicholas got something up and Francoise substituted him! Alright, we had crazy time camwhoring and taking pictures. So I prefer to upload the pictures. XD.

Amanda, Francoise and Marilyn. The 3 Teresian.

Wei Liang, Francoise and Leon. So we had our lunch at McDonalds, obviously.

Some of us are just reluctant to grow up.

Perhaps we all love Kuching and do not wish to leave our hometown.

There are so much more camwhore pics of Marilyn and Francoise.

Check up my Facebook for more. So lazy to update them here. XD

One of the picked camwhore pics at Boulevard Shopping Mall. XD

Alas, photo of the day: Group Photo! you all!

From left: Marilyn (Singapore), Leon (Perth), Wei Liang, Amanda (Kuala Lumpur), Francoise (Melbourne)

We all had pleasures and funs. Too high until everyone are screaming ‘Chill!’ to cool everyone down. Haha. Since everyone is going off to different pathway, I hereby wish all my friends all the best in their future undertakings. Till then and we meet again!

♥ friends ♥ forever ♥




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