2009 Has Nine Important Events!

The year is drawing to an end in less than 4 hours. This year I was lazy to summarise all happenings month by month. Instead, I’ll list down 9 major events that occurred throughout the whole year which makes me hard to forget.

Event #1: Leon completes his SPM and secondary school!

Yes! I am officially done with SPM and my secondary school! I have gone through harsh times with SPM especially I encountered so many problems. First, I only started my revision only in August and SPM was due in November! I was seriously freakishly afraid of my SPM. When the trial exam was around the corner then, I totally flunked in it. I just hope my SPM result which will be released in March is as fabulous as my PMR result. Keep my finger cross! XD.

One thing I’m glad upon completion of SPM is that I never had to face History, Malay Language, Moral and Civics anymore in my life. Perhaps I’ll come across them one day in my life but I am no longer compelled to study it and sit for examination for those subjects! Cheers!

Secondary school life meant a lot to me. Frankly, compared it to my primary school memories, secondary life taught me a lot. From the freedom I gained, I gathered my courage to venture and explore the society and the world. My school teachers and my school life taught me many things which are definitely a good help in my future! Sitting now and reflecting upon what had occurred throughout these 5 years and the efforts, it was truly memories worth treasuring. Of friends, hangouts and lots more. They are awesome! Simply FABULOUS!

Finally, Leon is now an official EX-HIGHIANS! Cheers!

Event #2: Down Memory Lane – Kuching High’s Major Event of the Year

Due to the fire that razed our school last year, the school was coming out with all sorts of activities to raise fund. Down Memory Lane was seriously one major event in which no Highians could ever forget! Yea. Seriously. I hate to say this but Olympiad Maths Quiz really spoiled the day. The Maths Quiz clashes with our Down Memory Lane! Gosh! I really wanted to experience the whole event from 8 in the morning till 5 in the evening!

And did I tell you that, I even took pictures with some local artists for FREE! See! People usually need to buy tickets of admission into concerts and by fat chance you can take snapshots with them! And I took snapshots with some local artists for FREE and easily! Fortunate me!

Event #3: Leon gets his first iPhone!

Thanks Dad and Mum! I got my first iPhone! I had cool and fun time with the phone and busy like hives of bees exploring the versatile phone. Cool! I am freakishly and irrevocably in love with iPhone. Haha. A deep and sincere gratitude to my parents, for realising dreams of all teenagers. Thank you God for blessing me!

Event #4: Sadly, Leon loses his maternal grandma!

In January, I lost my maternal grandma. She left us after battling with Parkinson diseases and cancers for merely 5 years. I guess her departure was a good thing. At least she could rest in peace instead of battling every second of life with those irksome and cruel diseases. Although I did not spend as adequate time as I spent with my late paternal grandma, I did what I should do as a grandson. I love her too as my grandma and I shall miss her.


Event #5: Leon has his driving license!

Finally the anticipated thing of a teenager – DRIVING LICENSE! Yup! I had got my driving license sometime in mid-June. After months of lessons and trainings, one kick, I passed my driving! I scattered my mind and forgot who were my passengers already. Nevertheless, I remembered one thing for sure, my best friend, Tan Yee is surely my first passanger! Congratulations too Tan Yee for getting your P license! XD! Cheers for both of us!

Event #6: Leon steps down from Koperasi!

Unexpected, I accepted my retirement from Koperasi with pleasure. I felt bad at first though after 5 years of services in Koperasi. It had really become part of my life and one of the reasons why I anticipated for school to reopen. Life in Koperasi was promised with great chill and fun especially when you got a bunch of great buddies with their unfailing support, namely Bong Sing Xian, Cindy Tan, Daniel Sim, Edmund Lau and Pauline Ho! Oh people! I love you guys!

By the way, we still have one thing left with Koperasi – OUR SALARY!! XD

Event #7: Leon’s family China vacation during Chinese New Year!

As mentioned in my last post of 2008, my dearest paternal grandma leave us without a word. According to our Chinese custom, we were prohibited from celebrating CNY as a form of respect to our ancestor. Hence, our family (including dearest Grandpa, uncles and aunties and cousin) went for an one-week vacation to China! We visited Shanghai, ShuZhou, NanJing, HangZhou and lots more fascinating places. It was indeed a rare opportunity for us to gather together and go for a holiday together! Oh. Such a fond memory!

Lessons learnt: Family is always our priority. XD

Event #8: Leon travels too frequent this year!

I was always missing in action especially during school holidays as my family had to try to fulfill our Temporary Resident (TR) requirement. We were always on the air flying to and fro from Kuching to Singapore and then to Perth. In Perth, I managed to meet up with Jerry and it was a pleasure meeting Jerry and his family! Aww. And I simply could not forget Aunty Rose for throwing a surprise BBQ party for us too! Thank you so much! As for Mark and Kavan, I am so sorry that I didn’t know you guys were at Perth too! Anyway, I’ll see you 2 too next year! And Tyler too! I am gonna see you in person too next year! Can’t wait to uncover my new life next year in Perth! Full of anticipation and hopes!

Event #9: Leon treasures all his friends forever and ever!

I love you guys! Thanks for all the memories! I think by just summarising all the memories we had together in just few sentences is merely injustice! Hence, my blog content labelled ‘Friends‘ are always there for you guys! I love you all and we MUST keep in touch forever!

I shed my tears the moment we left school but little do I believe that our path will cross again! I have faith in our friendship and I shall clench onto it despite we had little dispute and misunderstandings throughout. The true and genuine friendship is the one that does not crash or break despite odds and setbacks!

To all my teachers who have educated me, I love you guys too! An ocean of thanks for educating me and for bringing me through challenges in life. Thank you so much! Again, the mere few sentences are just inadequate but a sincere gratitude with a life-long term is the only thing I could expressed for you all!

Two thousand and nine, 2009 – had been a challenging and wonderful year for everyone, especially economic crisis crashes the whole world. Nevertheless, we all held our hands together and ventured through all setbacks together and together we walked towards the very end, that is today – 31 December 2009!

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turns – life is never smooth or harsh at all time. The blends and mixtures of all sorts of things nurture and mould us to be a better person. I thank the year for being another great teacher, offering me lots of valuable lessons I need to treasure in life and carry them with me as I valorously accept the forthcoming challenges in the coming year.

Again, I closed this year epilogue with the same words and phrases:



And another Photoshop work! XD

:: LEON HA::


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  1. from ur stle of writing, i guess u hav,but just keep it secret right? ur writing is full of such feeling.

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