The Epilogue Closes Well

Can you still remember you were once the jumpy pumpy little kid fooling around in secondary school when you first step in Secondary One? The one that has no worries and just love to make friends, venture into new adventure as we unveil the next chapter of our life.

Jumpy pumpy me was all around in the school cooperative movement throughout the five years, providing faithful and unfailing service to the school. When the school began this year, little did we know that despite all those reluctance, we are soon to bid goodbye again to our school. However, we were still overtaken by the fun and chill with friends, the hyperactive moment in co-curricular. Never ever it flashes our mind that 14 December was so fast, or should I say rapid like thunder.

We went through so many stuff this year especially for Highians. We were the pioneer to organise Kuching High’s Down Memory Lane – our school open day. Never before our seniors did that and all we could do was seek advice around. That was indeed one major challenge we had this year in co-curricular.

People changes. Yup. So friends change sometimes, from time to time. Unpredictable is the word. You might not realise that but for once we could be so close and nice and the next moment something might have prop out. Yet, I know that we are still clenching on the friendship, a bond that we hope it could lasts.

Examinations are definitely our worst nightmare. It plunges us straight to hell when teachers kept on reminding us about SPM or The Malaysia General Certificate of Education. We knew how essential that papers were. Perhaps the jumpy pumpy part of us that still exists within our deep heart core. We were sometimes like ‘Never mind, there is still essential time for revision’. Little did we know that procrastinating was a bad thing, yet we were like daredevils going against time.

5 years is a long time. If you were to ask me to blabber them all out once, I might not be able to do so for so many things coincided and occurred. However, 5 years of High School life has definitely taught me something beyond what is found in our syllabus. High School taught me more about SELF-DISCOVERY, FRIENDS, LIFE and many more. In fact, I guess it is infinity.

For friends, I do hope we can clench onto our friendship and make it lasts forever. We have ventured through hardships and odds together and I sincerely wish that we could carry on with it until the rest of our life. As for rivalry, I have decided to cast it aside, after all we are now all separated.

As for teachers, some dearest teachers who have taught me, I sincerely thank you from my deepest heart. Some of upper secondary teachers who are kind enough to walk pass my life and touch me, they are like Mdm. Lee Wai Fong, Mdm. Ting Yee Ung, Dr. Lau Bee Yian, Mdm. Ting Tieu Wei, Ms. Lim Yee, Mr. Chen Fong Hin, Mr. Eng Bung Chai, Mdm. Hu Sing Min and Ms. Ko Hui Ing. Not forgetting my junior level teachers such as Mdm. Nazrah Maruf, Mdm. Sutinah Mohd. Tahir, Mdm. Tay Moh Teng, Mdm. Chin Chei Vun, Mdm. Norayati Ahmad and lots more. As for some teachers who ain’t so good, once again, also thank you for teaching us, despite you might not be so good. XD

At last, 14 December 2009 marks the end of SPM and also the end of my high school life in Kuching High. Although tears did not fall, little do I know I am reluctant to bid goodbye to the school. However, people has to move on to the future and we cannot always stay putt at where we are. Looking forward to a brighther future is what my school wants all of us to do, and we are doing that.

Anyway, the epilogue closes well with all of us graduating from high school with a proud title called…





2 thoughts on “The Epilogue Closes Well

  1. ahhhh great post there and u made me miss high school even more. KHS has been such a great place, a second home. 😦 all the best in the future Leon. continue to shine and embrace your journey 🙂 HEY EX HIGHIANS now that makes us same level eh!

    1. haha although happy spm finishes but quite sad high school life ends. haha thanx for ur wishes and same to you too ya! haha strive hard to be an outstanding engineer! haha same level! heh do u plan to join the ex-highians association? hahaha

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