Warmth Within

Mum knew it was coming

busy and frustrated she was at the laungry

and the sudden feeling of guilt

that just bombarded into her.


Little after-school children

hustling and packing their bags

jerked loudly but sadly

I could hear nothing.


The overture was performed

before an orchestra unveiled

the cacophony of unpeace

urged daddy to quicken his pace home.


Grandma gathering her grandchildren

sitting beside the warm fireplace

exhanging cups of hot chocolates

they quietly listened to the folklores.


Of World War and ancient heroes

the atmosphere was shattered

the adrenaline gushed out of nowhere

it piereced through the silence.


Grandpa rocking in his comfy chair

overlooking the droplets on the window

enjoying his newspaper by the fireplace

with a seep of Brazilians’ coffee.


Potato salad and grilled chickens

warmly served on the dining desk

with great affectionate and care

despite the torrential pour out there.


Despite all challenges you face

Sit together and enjoy a feast

Toast away all your worries and stress

Grin widely and be thankful of the dinner


There is a place for everyone

A place you would feel the warmth within

If and only if you and me play our roles

Home – a place like no others.

A family is a heaven in nature. Treasure it or you’ll loose grabs of it.



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