Inspiring and Motivating


All students agree to this, especially during examinations. XD

In life, we should listen to what our heart says. That’s what the quote wishes to convey.


Sit down and think about life…

Is the life you are leading now an ideal one?

Spiritually and psychologically rich or just from the outside skin?


Sometimes it may appears through, but we know that we follow what our heart says.

So which of these you prefer? Do something you like or whatever it is stated above?

Your life, your journey and your pathway, YOU DECIDE.

Remember, as long as you are happy about it, that’s all.

Found all these quotes in Reader’s Digest January 2002 Asia Edition under the column ‘Quotable Quotes‘. More to come if I do have the time to edit those picture in Photoshop. XD

Hope they motivate and inspire you guys people!

Life’s meaningless, kick start off everyday by telling yourself, “Today I feel great! No one’s crossing my boundary!



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