Ashley Tisdale (Masquerade)

Come to think about it, life is all about being ourselves. Human beings have up to a zillion types of combination and variation – even Mathematics could not calculate how many types of people are there in the world [using permutation and combination]

And plus I blasted Ashley‘s second single from her new studio album ‘Guilty Pleasure’ – Masquerade, I have made up my mind to put aside my books to scribble my thoughts at my blog.

Since we all have our own style and characters, what is the point for us to masquerade our own true self so that we could blend into others world? What’s the point? I got neither. We should not masquerade our own creditable good points and also our shameful weakness. After all, learning from mistakes is part and parcel of growing up.

Plus, we should not masquerade other people’s strengths and weaknesses too. It’s hard to achieve this since we love to masquerade other people’s strengths and expose publicly their weaknesses. After all – we are HUMANS of the 21st century. Who could alter and rectify this weakness? God knows.

Masquerading our weakness is also our weak point. We try to hide our untalented and shameful side to impress others.

That is human’s complexity.

You could help change this human’s weakness? Think about it. Perhaps if the future generation comes along with no ‘masquerade’ in their vocabulary, this world could have being a more peaceful and harmonious place for everyone.

By the way, ‘It’s Alright It’s Ok’, ‘Masquerade’ and ‘What If’ are terrific and awesome songs from Ashley’s latest album. Download them if you love to.

Oh well, just random and there is a gush of adrenaline to update my blog for today. That’s all.

Happy Holidays to everyone!



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