Finance Club Gathering

I know I was absolutely procrastinating. The Finance Club Gathering was back in August and I only update them now. So sorry. And my blog was so still and dead. Every day I thought of accessing the Internet and update my blog but to no avail. Thanks to my trial exam. No choice. Study. Study. Study. Study. Blah =p. Sick of it.


Yup. Everyone all time’s favourites – Pizza XD


The famous pepperoni pizza! Yummy! I L.O.V.E. this one =)


Whenever there is a new techno stuff, there is Pauline! Haha

Oh well, finally a year of hard work and diligent effort for the school Finance Club pay off! And since I handed my post over to Yen Ru officially during the club AGM, my sweet time of being the club’s president and my journey in the school co-curricular draws to an epilogue.

Co-curricular taught me the three stages of life:

1. Initially, when you first join a club, you would be lifted with high spirit, high hope and you are absolutely committed. It is also at this stage you make more friends and increase your boundary in life.

2. This stage you begin your struggles. You feel so stressed out by your work besides academic pressure. We all crave being a all-rounder but sometime God creates us with certain limit. Pushing to the limit causes you to show apathy towards your club. It is always true that after you reach the peak of anything, you would either plateau off or slide down. It’s proven true. =)

3. The stage of waving goodbye. At the end of the day, despite all those hardships you have ventured through throughout your 5 years, you will have a feeling of unwilling to let go. Either the sweet or the hurting memories has being craved in your heart core forever. When you flashback, you would feel so touched and proud of what you have done! Trust me. That’s true. Also, you have come to this stage of your life, it’s because you got…

2009 Group Photo



Teachers – for being considerate, loving, caring and guiding us throughout these years

Friends – who have being truly stand by your side and bring you through everything!

Seriously, at the epilogue of my co curricular life, I would allow tears of being touched and loved fall, as much as it wish. The tear is the silhouette a fond memory of my school life! And I am seriously enjoying my secondary life.


Till then and may our path cross again!

Friends Forever =)



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