Recently, I feel things are so complicated and sophisticated. Sometimes I crave this and the next moment my adrenaline gush may be urging me to take up another task. I know I am kinda random this post – that’s why I name this post as COMPLICATED.

Sometimes I guess we need some philosophers to explain why human beings are complicated and think beyond the boundaries until we end up incurring with pressures and stress.

Mid-Term Assessment 2 is just around the corner yet I do not feel what about it. Yea I know! Perhaps it’s the last school-based examination, last paper set by teachers of my school and sorta whatever last thing you can think of. So I am trying to try my best to score the best! Keeping finger cross. Whenever I think of reaching one’s goal, my ‘reflex action’ would be switching on my iTunes and click for Shayne Ward’s “That’s my Goal”. It is indeed a soothing a nice and relaxing song! I’ll find time (I hope so I have since 25 hours each day may seem a little inadequate for me now) to upload it either in Facebook or my dear blog here!


I dunno, but somehow I seem to find insouciance in this snap shot…


And looking at this panorama, it ignites my desire to go for vacation to far away land again…


The very insouciance I wanna savour…

Conclusion: Human Beings are Complex and Complicated!

Wish me all the best in the coming exam XD



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