1..2..3.. and to INFINITY

Yea. Life’s being so busy until my blog got neglected without ample updates for almost 2 weeks! I know I am becoming lazy but sometimes I guess I’ve so much to catch up especially it is 2nd semester now. OMG! It means SPM is approaching sooner than ever!

Ok. So last Saturday our koperasi went to attend the award ceremony by SKM. Full of hopes we went there and seriously I instantly felt helpless and hopeless when we were announced to be the 2nd runner up only! WTF! When we finally cooled off and discussed, we realised that our koperasi’s profit plunged too much.. Thanks to the stupid former principal with his total foolishness – taking away the sales of school magazine, diary and bulletins away from us! SHIT!! He’s so irksome in many ways!

Oh ya! I drove Zhann, Cindy and Pauline home. They camwhore a lot in my car and Zhann even took pictures of me! How interesting!

Here’s the picture Zhann took and Pauline also experimented around with my iPhone…


Cindy, Pauline & Zhann


My unfailing friends & partners in Koperasi! I LOVE U GUYS!


Yup! Pauline showing off her prowess of camwhoring using my iPhone!

Draw to a conclusion = Pauline is 100% qualified to use an iPhone dy! *Invoking what Pauline mentioned the other day XD*

There are more pictures in my Facebook account and so as in Zhann’s blog. XD. FYI, Zhann credited me a 89/100 for my driving when I first drove her and Roland to tHe Spring on the same week! Whee!! Too bad Kenny marked me a 2/10 only! WTF! LOL


I’m trying to find time to drive you out! I know you are buzzing around and anticipating to be in my car! Yea I know! Keep waiting =) Thank u!!

Daw’s birthday, 10 July (Oops. sequence mixed up but priority not mixed up.. Koperasi comes first XD). We bought him a wallet and guessed what? Daw’s using it now! Whee! Too bad I din get a snapshot of his prexie. XD. Glad that Daw loves it.

Next, sister’s heading back to Perth today. Aww. I missed a chatting partner again! I remembered when she was here, alright we are seriously talk-a-holic. We chatted from 11pm until 2am in the morning! Freaking much? XD.

What else is in my list? I am tapping my fingers whenever I tried to ponder what had occurred for the past few weeks. XD.

Ok. My health was ailing for the past few days. First come sore throat. Followed by flu and charting the list is cough. Thank God it wasn’t A(H1N1)! Phew~

Fine.. come to resolution for the 2nd semester:

-Less time on iPod

-Less time on iPhone (I got addicted to the games)

-Less time on Facebook (compelling myself to wave goodbye to those heart-capturing & addictive games)

-More time on my books

Ok. I’m trying to do more Mathematics this month! And finish my Form 4 Biology Chapter 2 – 6 by end of next week + Form 4 History Chapter 1 – 5 by end of next week! Keep fingers cross I’m disciplined enough to follow my resoultion =)

Next, stupid Malaysia Government! They reverted teaching Math and Science back to Malay Language! WTF! They are totally like ostrich trying to bury their head under the sand when setbacks tackle! Yea. Just because the rural areas and some kiaws do not understand English doesn’t mean the other students do not understand English! I pity all those younger generation – imagine next time when they further their studies in any field.. Ask them in English, they answer you “Minta maaf.. Saya tak know lah.. I.. terlalu diMelayukan semasa di Malaysia.. (Translation: Sorry, I dunno lah.. I am too Malay-fy in Malaysia) XD.

Trust me – that’s Malaysia “BRIGHT” future.

Picture this, all those Mathematics & Science books are penned in English GLOBALLY and we are still like toads and frogs under the well – reverting to a language that only 0.000000000000000001% of the world recognises it? SHIT.

Alright, I’m seriously in love with…

Wilber 007

Yea! Wilber Pan! He’s so handsome and adorable!

What more to say bout his voice and songs?!!



Yea. I still have lots of things to blabber out until as what I’ve mentioned in my title.. INFINITY. So I am gonna update them bits by bits although I know that as time elapses more things would be happening and I’ve got to update them. Well, take it as the colourful part of my life then! XD

Have a Nice Day!

P/s: Leon dreams of going to Rome and Milan this year end for a vacation! Grant my wish!



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