Comes Another Wave

After the exhausting two weeks marathon of Down Memory Lane, Hari Koperasi & Sports Day, another wave has risen and hit me again! Darn! I got so many things queuing up waiting for me to attend to. They are: Koperasi Meeting Minutes, Koperasi Annual Report, Finance Club Annual Report, English Essay, Mathematics Homework, Additional Mathematics Questions, Biology Assignment, Biology Correction and so much more. I just hope I am in time to cope with them all.

Oh. I know I am late but sorry I really do not have time to upload recent photos coinciding (yea. most of the events really happen simultaneously). I have the Down Memory Lane, Hari Koperasi & Sports Day pics yet every second does not permit me to do that. I am nearly suffocating until I tried to compelled myself to escape from the ailing study atmosphere out to grasp some refreshing air. XD.


By chance I found this snap shot I took from Ohana camp last year. Yea. Suddenly I crave the insouciance once again I savour. It was a really nice experience. At least by looking at the greens, I got to forget some tensions and pressures that shrouders me daily.

I know Sometimes in life, we cannot be running and moving all the time. There are some places and some times, we should slow down our pace and have a look around the panorama that gestures us with great pleasure! Resting enables one to move even further!

Have a nice day people!



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