Super Duper

It has being a super duper week for me and for most of the Highians. First, we need to rectify our waking hours perhaps from 9 am to 5.30 am! Yea. School reopens. Darn. The school gestures us with the stacks of examination papers flowing back! Argh. So much for an ave.

My results drop a little this time only my chemistry which I dump in so much effort yet I still got a B! What the Heck! Alright. At least still not a C or below. Fine. Pull up my socks next time. I know. And that has being the advice I give to myself as an excuse. Sigh.

Tuesday I sat for my driving law and finally what a 17 year old teen crave item is in my hand! DRIVING LICENSE! Yeap! I pass my driving! Thank God. And if you read the preeciding post, the driving exam coincide with my Koperasi meeting. For Heaven sakes, I got the first slot in which I managed to sit for my driving exam before lunch hour and got to attend my very last ALK Koperasi meeting! Cheers! I am so on cloud nine when things just work out perfectly!

Wednesday was just an ordinary day until yesterday. All of a sudden all Highians, teachers and students were transformed into agitated interior designers – turning every corner of the school into something spacious and beautiful! Yea. Thanks to the fire that razed the school last year, the school board of management has come out with the “Down Memory Lane” master plan to help raise fund for the school. Yea. And students are the victims and the MAIN HUMAN POWER of course. Sigh. I really sympathise those prefects, dashing up and down. They are really brisk workers! XD. Exclude me of course XD.

Financial Club exhibition was artistically and beautifully done! Thanks to all my members! I am really elated at the compliments received from the teachers! Thank you guys! Daniel has being the great leader. Pauline and Cindy have never fail to give me unfailing support. The other members also did fantastically well too! Haha. I am really impressed that you guys can produce something that nice in a jiffy! Thank you!!

Alright. The school’s being totally not a school at all for this week, just for the sake of 20 June (tomorrow) event. Wish everything could run well and keep fingers cross that we could raise as much fund as possible to rebuild our school.

Tomorrow I am going to be super duper – Olympiad Math competition at UiTM, Mathematics Department Booth and Financial Club Booth! Super Man much? Whoo! Next week, Koperasi Day + Sports Day!

Darn. I can feel the fatigue ailing me insolently already. Sigh.



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