Buzzing Around

After coming back home from Perth, I was totally like an irksome bee buzzing around doing this and that. First, went back on Thursday for BIO PEKA. Then the other days I am busy catching up with things going on at Facebook for every free second I have. XD. Then comes driving. What the Heck! It’s so tedious especially examination is around the corner. Almost everyday I have to go to brush up my practising skill. So lame. XD.

I just wish I could quickly passed and settles the problems. You see, my test is scheduled on Tuesday which means I got to miss school (and cant get my papers back until Thursday for Biology and Friday for Physics)! Although I do not wish to see my result, at least I have a chance to see if there is any point I still could earn some bonus mark. Well, things crashes.

And so does it coincides with my koperasi meeting. 2.15 pm we are going to have a major meeting, involving all the teachers and students. Preparation for Hari Koperasi! Yea I know! As the secretary I cannot be missing in action! I know that!! Don’t remind me again!! It’s probably gonna be my last meeting with all my adorable teachers and friends! DARN IT!! I know it! Just shut up and don’t remind me of that again! You see, how much do I treasure the friendship I’ve lifted up in koperasi and… *pauses* I simply love koperasi.. Haih.

Most of my assignments are done and tomorrow afternoon I am compelled to clean my study room after my biology tuition and also my beg! It’s being left there dangling around for a month! XD. I felt so sorry for my beg sometimes. XD. Sitting there doing nil for the entire month.

Just feel a little random now, I simply realise something “Human Beings are PARADOXICAL…” duh. yesh. yesh. we. are. XD.

I hope Hari Koperasi *our last Hari Koperasi* would be a grand and a successful one and the most importantly a meaningful one. Make it yet another fantastic page throughout our life as we serve as ALK of Koperasi SMK Kuching High Bhd.! Also hoping that the Financial Club’s stall would be lucrative so all of us can reward ourselves with humongous fares! XD.

I crave a pass for my driving. Keeping my ten fingers crossed.. Good luck and God Bless!

I got a feeling things are coinciding simultaneously of all a sudden. You see, this coming Tuesday: driving exam + koperasi meeting. Following Tuesday: Hari Koperasi. Following Thursday – Sunday: Long weekend. Thanks to school’s sports day. I just have so many schedules on mind ahead! Gosh. Hanging out again with friends during sports day. Buying numerous books I spotted just now. The list goes on.

Guess I’ll rather spend the rest of the night on the bed rather than in front of my laptop. So I’ll check back soon – I do hope so with all the great news flowing in =)



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