Yea! I had been missing in action for more than a week. People tried to text me, hunt down for me in MSN or by phone but to no avail. Reason is – I flee to PERTH for my vacation! Haha. The one week break is really awesome. At least I got some time to relax and let go of everthing especially my result that is ailing me mentally. I was back last Sunday and I knew I had to face the tiles and piles of undone assignment.

Invoking my status in Facebook “Overlooking the piles of undone assignments…

Frankly, it is 12.00 midnight and I am still busy in front of my laptop trying to finish assignments and complete competition things due in June!!

FOMCA Essay Competition I conquered it!!!

FOMCA Folio Competition

Additional Math Project no longer in debt with Mdm. Ting!! XD

Hari Koperasi Programme Book done.. whee!!

English Assignment mission accomplished!!

Articles for 2009 School Magazines

BM Holiday Assignment mark it done!

Standard Users Essay Competition

Down Memory Lane (20.06.09)

Biology Assignment

Less than 20% work is done and I have exactly 4 days left! I am so gonna be superman from now onwards! I need to rush here and there, painting the town red like a pyscho! I still got so much to catch up! I sometimes regret going to Perth for the entire week. Am suffer chillingly and those distressing assignments – I do not have adequate time to do them!! OMG!!!


P/s: Photos of my trip will be uploaded soon. I hope. Here’s one. The Hari Koperasi 2009 Programme Book design.


HKS 2009 Cover2 [resized]

Yea. I know it’s similar to last year’s Highians magazine cover. Perhaps I like that design so much that I decide to put that into the usage for my koperasi? XD. Anyway comments are definetly welcomed. I’ll update more next time.

My eyes can’t barely open now. Nites!



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