Worst Exam Ever

Seriously, exam has just finished today but I have a feeling this time round would be my worst exam ever. Frankly, I do not have sufficient time to prepare. Unlike last time which I had abundant of time to study during the year-end break and Chinese New Year hols here and there. And this time essays come in which I definetly am bad in. I know I need to pull up my socks but no matter how diligent I get, sometimes my brain does not have enough vacant space for all the information!

Mathematics occupies part of it, gossips and personal stuffs. There are indeed so many things need to be stored in the brain! History and Biology those memory-tasking subjects are really collapsing my brain’s neurones. I guess they have all overworked! Gosh! WTF! I know I am not a versatile student who is multi-task in so many field! I can tell you frankly I am damn interested only in:

* Mathematics

* Additional Mathematics

* General Science

* Accounting

* Koperasi


I had apathy towards the rest =) thats why I do not focus much and do not excel. You have to vindicate off the blame from me. I guess I was borned to be infatuated with the 6 items above. What can I do about that? Rebel against God’s arrangement and try something ridiculous? Nyeh. I AIN’T AETIS! XD. *lame excuse*

Perhaps I’ll just wish to blabber out all my unease and irksome feeling that faltered me throughout these 2 weeks. I had nightmares, broken sleep, insufficient rest and lots more. Tomorrow I can’t sleep well too, 11pm gonna arrive in Perth! What the! How can I sleep then? Gosh. Guess that’s just a sudden adjustment to my life.

Fine, back to packing.. XD Just a HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone of you out there! XD



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