it has being a year..

Time advances that now it’s almost a year grandma left me. Uncle Thong phoned now inquring when is the date according to the Lunar Calender Ah Ma left us. At that instant, the sadness which I made every great painful effort to bury it has suddenly popped out so naturally and I sighed at how relentlessness time elapsed and for almost a year, I had not shouted out loudly Ah Ma. That day in Grandpa’s house, I was having lunch in the kitchen when I suddenly reminisced grandma’s cooking, her porridge, her dishes and everything she cooked for the entire family! I damn miss her porridge, her fares and everything! My tears were merely falling. Sigh. I guess time passes but I still preferred I got stucked in the time when I spent together with Ah Ma.

Since the departure of hers, I kept on dreaming her. For the first few months, I was so looking forward to everytime I dreamt about her. It is sort of like a psychological comfort for me. At least in my dreams I can spent my time with Ah Ma although it is temporary and virtual. I woke up the very next day with streaming tears. I know I miss her! I miss her a lot! Yet nothing could buy her back to the Earth!

I only plead that scientists could come up with a time machine. I wish to travel back to time to meet Ah Ma. Or God, I beg you, please return me my Ah Ma! I know we need her a lot. She’s the greatest, not for then and now but she has influenced us for so long.

At an empty aisle,

as i stroll along,

i miss grandma, i could feel her,

i could hear her.

But i just wanna see her

and talk to her non-stop

before finishing off with


Thanks for everything!




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