A Battle Within

I know I am clenching on so many things that sometimes I ought to let go. The moment I let go, I need to battle against the dilemma within. I cannot afford to be left behind as each second of life elapses and having insouciance in life is so as equatic as the statement before. I know I want them all but I really have to battle agains the ailing dilemma. The battle within falters me sometime and somehow.

I know the problem originates from me, my attitude and my style and everything about me. However, as people say, environment shapes a man. No doubt that most of my characters are shaped by my surrounding.

I am constantly battling within whenever I see something that will incur me into something I hate dealing with. In fact in life, I need to battle against minute stuffs (I know how minute they are) but still I constantly wish to be a radiant guy. Relentlessness may be the resolution, but what can I do? Consult a psychologist? Nuts! To me, it’s a folly act!

I know I want my things abound and the price is that to battle against the troublesome dilemma. To me, radiant is walking away after winning the battle insolently. Think about it, won’t it sometimes be a higher price than I would need to pay?

Such as the trade of a true friendship? The exchange for family ties? The lost of forever insouciance and tranquility for the soul and physical? Or even nil towards at the end of the day?

Again, it’s a battle within I must WIN. That’s the attitude. Winning is everything. That’s why. Sigh.


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