You Know What They Say…

I was totally seeing red this morning. Duh. I was so innocent and I got reprimanded for no reason? What the Fuck! So it all started with the volley ball thingy thing. Just FYI, every year my school is chosen for all the volley ball competitions. XD. So the leverage of the volley ball competition, especially the final drew the attention of all students to ditch lessons and happily idling away time, cheering and supporting for their teams.

So I ditched Moral. Just for a while. When I suddenly remembered the teachers from Koperasi were hunting down from me. I quickened my pace and dashed off for the staff room to see all the teachers. Later, Mdm. Ting advised me to give the principal the letter personally.

Following instructions, I headed for the staff room and came to know that the principal was not there and the office boy told me he had marched to the hall few minutes ago! Hecks! I missed Mr. Lim. So I ran to the hall and passed him the letter.

After that, I walked pass the corner where Wei Ling and Tan Yee were on their posts, performing the duty (for prefects.. duh..). Suddenly, that Mdm. Wong, the school Asst. Principal of Students’ Affair walked past us. This is the convo that maddened me. Frankly. I still even wish she is here to read my blog!

Mdm. Wong: What are you three doing here? Are you 3 having duties? (3 referred to me, Tan Yee & Wei Ling)

ME: (honestly) No.. I was just passing the letter to Mr. Lim.. Emm. Koperasi’s stuff

Mdm. Wong: (rudely and arrogantly) I WASN’T TALKING TO YOU!

WHAT THE FUCK GOSH! How do you calculate? Me, Tan Yee and Wei Ling, exactly three person and the SECOND ago you were mentioning the trio and now you debated that you wasn’t talking to me and still in the arrogant, immoral attitude! What kind of attitude do you have?! And you are an Additional Math teacher, simple 3 person you also miscounted it?! What the?! And I do accept the apology if you.. you know say sorry by saying such harsh words on me but you didn’t which compel me to blog the dark side of KHS on blog! I was saying in such an honest and polite tone! Nuts!

Hence, you know what they say, a MONSTROUS leader spawns PROBLEMED followers. So next time if you see me behaving not like the behaviour of an ordinary perfect, vindicate off the blames as you yourself do not communicate politely and from now on, you lost your respect from me!

You deserve it! It’s better you read it! I’m glad that you would make reflection upon your own mistake. Learn your lesson! No one is perfect, so as YOU!

…still seeing red now…



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