1st St. Patrick Day at Oversea

Cool! So today is my 4th day of my vacation at Perth, WA and it happened that the locals are wild and crazy celebrating a seasonal, annual festive day call the St. Patrick Day.

Everyone over here dress in green and most of the students (above 18) and people dash to pubs in Murray Street or Harbour Town where you could find abundant of pubs there. Everyone is drinking, putting on green caps, dress casually in green, drinking cheerfully and the entire atmosphere is just wild yet an unforgettable experience for me – since it’s my first St. Patrick Day (I never witness one before frankly speaking) and it’s here at Perth!

Perth is simply wonderful. I attended BBQ the previous night over at Jerry’s residence, went to a temple to attend a religious ceremony, tasting extraordinary fine gourmet, mind you they are not palatable only, they are simply heaven! Gosh! Fish and chips and a nice panaroma of the ocean simply blend well and plus the cool, soothing atmosphere, it’s really a spot you find insouciance in this planet =). That’s it – PERTH is the place. XD.

Time’s running out. I have pictures and more stories to upload and scribble here once I get back to Kuching. The Internet charges in the hotel is way too costly that I do feel compelled if I connect it to my laptop. See Ya!

Have a nice mid term break and fabulous holidays!



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