Worst Case Ever in Kuching High

Believe it or not? Today I was napping sweetly away when I suddenly heard irksome ambulance and fire engines high-pitch sound. I was awakened when my handphone keeps on vibrating continuously. All the messages brought along the same message…


Chaotic situation & scenes during & after the fire

Oh my God! My heart just sank for that instance! All our memories in the junior science labs, chatting while the teachers’ teaching and lots more just vanished into thin air, leaving lots of things unsaid. Sigh. It was a huge lost. Junior Science Lab, Library, Staff Room and Administrative Block all went *poof* in just split seconds.

The fire was so hazardous and big. Reasons were still unknown.

Some said:
-due to electricity
-someone by all means put the fire on
-due to scouts activities

I really cant believe my eyes when I see all those pictures running in the Internet. My heart really sank! Plus my koperasi stuffs were all inside there and after calculation, our lost hit RM 20,000!!! Help me please!!!

I felt so sorry for Kuching High… a institution that I’ve been there safely for 4 years and it just turned suddenly into a jeopardy and unforgettable disastrous and monstrous nightmare in all Highians’ heart.



6 thoughts on “Worst Case Ever in Kuching High

  1. well… it already happened..
    now we can only rebuild our school…
    i cant deny that KHS is one of the oldest school in town…
    sigh.. it’s really priceless

  2. Hi. I graduated from Kuching High in 1997. I am sure some of the teacher will still remember me…I have a lot of memories there, especially joining the chinese language association. Presently i am working as a scientist in UKM. I was told about the news and my tears dropped. If KCH is looking for more funding, please let me know as all I can give back to my former school is financial support. Add Oil Kuching High!

  3. Heh youqing.. I’ll let you know if we are raising fund or not.. .But how I contact you? I think Pn. Ngoi will remember you but what’s ur name? haha

  4. as a reply to someone who posted a comment wildly and rudely and like a low class jerk *i censored that comment*… well, for the heavenly sake, can’t you open your eyes wide and see when is this post posted?? 3 Dec and the day you commented was 7 Dec!

    FYI, this is not a news reporting column or wadeva… so it’s not an obligation for me to keep updating the news.. if you so want to know the cause, why not ring up the school principal or the Bomba to get the latest information?!

    i doubt if you update your own blog often.. duhz

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